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by | Aug 1, 2014 | Foundation Repair

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If you have been noticing some unusual things about your home such as sticking windows or doors that don’t close properly then you may be seeing the effects of a shifting foundation. Most homes and buildings are built on concrete slabs or over poured concrete basements. In order to support this weight the soil is packed and allowed settle before the concrete is placed. After this the poured concrete is allowed to dry and then the building is completed. In normal conditions this is all it takes to keep a home stable. However, there are things that can affect your foundation and the worst of these is water.

The two most common problems that foundation contractors deal with are improper water shedding and high water tables. The water shedding problem is usually the result of improper drainage. For example, rain water running off of the building can wash away parts of the soil which supports the foundation. If this excess water isn’t channeled away from the building it will continue to erode the supporting soil. Watershed can also be a problem during heavy rains. Not all property is designed to allow rain water to properly flow off the property. When this happens the excess water can stand around the foundation resulting in softened soil which can’t support the weight of the building. The best way to avoid issues with high or rising water tables is to be sure there is adequate drainage away from the structure.

In order to repair these types of problems you need to provide better support for the foundation. There are two basic methods of foundation stabilization. One is known as pier and beam repair or ram jacking and the other is often referred to as mud jacking. The latter is a process where pressurized grout is forced under the foundation to raise and support it. This grout is generally made from water, sand and Portland cement although newer processes make use of a polymer based mud. The former method uses piers or piles forced into the ground to spread the weight of the structure over a stronger base. Pier and beam foundation repair is often considered to be the best choice for foundation stabilization, but it can also be the most invasive. To learn more about foundation contractors and home leveling options contact American Leveling or like us on facebook for more update on our foundation repair services.