The Various Types of Slab Foundation Repair

The foundation of the home, whether it’s a concrete slab or basement walls, is the structural support a home needs to keep standing. Unfortunately, age as well as the elements can take its toll on this foundation and the home could become structurally unsound. This could start out as a mild inconvenience, but over time, it can make a home unsafe to occupy. Fortunately, even foundations that are badly damaged can be fixed. With professional basement and Slab Foundation Repair, a faulty foundation can be repaired.

Basement walls, which are the foundation of the home that has a basement, can suffer because of moisture, cold weather and time. In these situations, cracks may need to be repaired, segments of the wall may need to be rebuilt and the surface of the walls may need to be treated with waterproofing materials.

However, slab foundations are a bit less accessible, which can present some problems when it comes to Slab Foundation Repair. Fortunately, foundation repair experts have a few different ways to deal with a problematic slab foundation.

Piering is a way to support a foundation that has begun to sag or that has begun to break up into various pieces. Large metal posts with hydraulic apparatuses are driven through the foundation and down into the bedrock below the home. These permanent support features help to strengthen the foundation and give it the support it needs to make sure that the home stays structurally sound.

Perhaps the most well-used option for repairing a faulty slab foundation is known as slab jacking. This is where a grout mixture is pumped in beneath the foundation. This mixture helps to float the foundation, especially the areas that have dipped or have become damaged, back to a level position. In addition to bringing the foundation level, this grout will harden offering further structural support.

A problem with the foundation of your home may have you feeling like your home could turn into a total loss. Fortunately, with the many different types of basement and slab repair, even the most compromised foundation can be repaired allowing the home to be structurally sound and secure for many years to come.

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