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All about CZ 75 Clones

Today, you can find the CZ 75 for sale almost anywhere, but often the guns are technically clones of the original CZ 75. What exactly do we mean by clone and why are they so common? Back when the Soviet Union was still around, the CZ 75 was a pistol produced by a...

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Where To Buy AR15 Tools

Once people get started with AR15s, they quickly begin to see the options for customizing and personalizing their weapon. Many of the aftermarket components are very low cost but create that distinct look and feel to your weapon that makes it uniquely your own....

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A Brief Review Of Scope Mounts

One of the most important factors to keep in mind when customizing any rifle or weapon is to remember that there is no one perfect option for all types of shooters. This includes if you are choosing scope mounts and optics, each shooter will have a style, design, and...

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30mm Scope Rings

30mm Scope Rings are a Critical Element That Help Determine a Marksman's Aim. Genuine shooters mull over everything that will take their aptitudes to the following level. At Precision Reflex, we have been in the business quite a while, and our rundown of customers is...

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