Month: April 2012

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Reasons To Attend Lacrosse Clinics

Lacrosse clinics are short sessions taught by professionals to help improve player skills and abilities. These lessons can be a fantastic way for all levels of players to learn more about the game, and have a more complete understanding of the skills that are required...

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Move It or Sell It?

If you are moving in Wilmington, you may want to consider having a spring or summer garage sale in advance of moving day. Not only will you save money on relocation costs, including paying movers or renting a truck, but you may make a little extra cash. This is...

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Gift Your TV A Screen Protector

You spend a good deal of money on your high definition TV and a small screen protector can sometimes save you from letting all that money going to waste. TV’s are a fragile object and a small household accident can break them. Most often, TV screens cannot be repaired...

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