Move It or Sell It?

If you are moving in Wilmington, you may want to consider having a spring or summer garage sale in advance of moving day. Not only will you save money on relocation costs, including paying movers or renting a truck, but you may make a little extra cash. This is something to consider as you begin to pack in advance, and it has the potential to make your experience moving in Wilmington to be less costly, as well.

Your first step is to begin to set aside while organizing your items for packing those things that you think you could do without or that you might be thinking about replacing. As you pack, separate some boxes with items to consider for the garage sale. Certainly old clothing that you no longer wear, books that you have already read or that have sat for years on your shelves unread and collecting dust, furniture that you would like to replace with items that better fit the decor of your new home, dishware and appliances you rarely use or that come with your new kitchen (such as microwaves, refrigerators and other items) may all be things you can consider selling before you move.

In well-organized garage sales, many people are able to earn more than $1,000 in a single afternoon. This can be a helpful sum of cash to help you replace some items or support other costs associated with moving in Wilmington. Advertise the garage sale a couple of weeks in advance and have it a couple of days before you move. You will want to try to clear out everything that you want to sell in order to not have to pack it later, so arrange to donate what is left to charity after all is said and done. Consider also having a price reduction near the end of the day to sell off remaining items.

If you have never had a garage sale, be prepared with plenty of change, and don’t be surprised when people show up early and try to haggle with you. It is not uncommon for people to try to haggle an item down to 25 cents if you price it at 50 cents. Remember that your purpose is to make moving easier and get rid of stuff you don’t need. Be patient and have fun haggling.

When all is said and done, having a garage sale can make moving in Wilmington less costly, as well as help get rid of the clutter of unwanted items when you move into your new home.

Moving WilmingtonMaking moving more efficient by having a moving sale is just one idea that can make moving in Wilmingtona little easier. The highly trained and professional movers at Superior Moving and Storage are another means to make your move less stressful.To learn about the professional local and long distance moving services offered by Superior Moving and Storage, as well as details about our storage facility, call 215.335.5500, email or visit our website.

Move It Or Sell It?

Move It Or Sell It?

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