Signs of Trouble: Home Foundation Problems in Houston

Foundation issues may take years to appear after you build your home. As the soil settles under your home, you cannot avoid changes. These may be subtle for many years, however. You may notice that doors do not close well, windows may pull from the frames, and floors may crack. It is important that you recognize the signs of foundation issues, so you can get help before the damage is severe.

Doors and Windows

Doors and windows are fit into frames on a home that is perfectly leveled during construction. When the ground settles, the home may move just enough to change the way doors close. You may notice that your bedroom door does not stay closed or is difficult to open. Windows may pull away from the frame, leaving a small gap. This can cause problems with your energy bill. Home foundation problems can be costly when they are left unrepaired. Take the time to have an inspection as soon as you notice even a small change in the way your doors are opening and closing. Window panes that are not properly in the pane may also break more easily. Home foundation problems in Houston can be worked on by a reputable company.

Floors and Walls

The floors and walls of your home can also tell you when you are having foundation problems. Cracks are a major indicator of home foundation problems. You may not notice when the concrete slab of the home is cracking if it is under thick carpet. Wood floors and ceramic tile, however, show cracks easily. Tile may even buckle and form a bump. When one area of the home drops lower than the other, cracks may also appear in the walls and ceiling.

Your home can be repaired when foundation problems occur. Foundation issues can begin to affect the entire home if you do not pay attention to the signs, however. Restore your home with the help of professionals.