Why You Should Never Attempt Your Own Garage Door Repairs

by | Aug 1, 2014 | Construction & Maintenance

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Garage doors have several operational parts, but very often, when the door doesn’t work, the springs are the problem. The door moves on metal tracks, and the springs – either extension or torsion – provide the power for raising and lowering.

Springs usually last a long time, but eventually, all the lifting and lowering of the door, coupled with seasonal changes in the weather, can weaken the metal, leading to a break.

Don’t Do It Yourself!

The springs are the most important, but also the most dangerous, part of the door, as they are under a huge amount of tension. One mistake, and a serious injury – or even death – could result. It is therefore always advisable to have your garage door repairs carried out by a professional at AmeriServ Atlanta.

Avoid Injury

The very real possibility of injury is not the only reason why you need to let a professional replace your springs. They are also very difficult to remove – torsion more so than extension – and specialist tools and expert know-how are needed. It is a lengthy and physically demanding job.

Replacement Springs

In addition, knowing what size replacement springs to buy is something the professionals are far better equipped to determine than even the most willing and competent DIY enthusiast. Even if you do manage to work out the correct size, you may well struggle to find a retailer who will sell that kind of hardware to someone not formally qualified to carry out this kind of repair.


Another common cause of garage door malfunction is worn out gears in the opener. This is not as difficult or dangerous a repair job as the springs, but should still be undertaken by a qualified professional, as there are still inherent safety issues. Specialist tools, and knowing which type and size of gears you need, are also required.

Once you have made peace with your decision not to attempt the job yourself, the next step is deciding on whom you’re going to contact to carry out your garage door repairs. Atlanta has many companies qualified to do work like this, so it is important to research your options carefully. Make sure you select a company with experience, reputation and after sales service to ensure you receive the quality job you deserve.

Make the Right Choice

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