Why Is There Deception In The Church Today?

by | Aug 12, 2014 | Religion

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When you think of participating in a church, especially a church in your neighborhood, you do not expect to have to evaluate the accuracy and validity of the teachings of that church and church leaders. However, it is essential that everyone be vigilant to the increasing rise of deception in the church.

The Biblical Teachings

The Bible is very clear that one of the signs to watch for in the end-times would be deception. This is deception within the culture, in other words false logic and twisting of moral and spiritual values, as well as the rise of false theologies and false prophets within the church itself. It is perhaps this deception in the church that is most difficult for Christians to detect and understand as some of the leaders of this movement are prominent and well-recognized.

The Bible prophecies about the presence and influence of false religions and false church leaders are very clear in the rise of deception in the church. Today, many biblical scholars and highly respected leaders are very concerned about the increase in these false churches and how many people are being influenced by these so called “Christian” leaders. There are early warnings in the Bible about this as Peter says that “there will be false prophets among you”, which means it is not just major televised religions groups and mega-churches it is also happening on a local basis right in our own community.

The Key to Detecting Deception in the Church

Authentic, spiritual and Godly Christian leaders are able to help their congregation learn about deception in the church. However, for those attending the church of a false leader this detection may be very problematic. Often these leaders are very charismatic and charming and they seem to be using the bible as a basis of their sermons and teachings, but it is not an accurate depiction of scripture.

Instead, these leaders that are practicing deception in the church are creating their own stories about God and about the messages in the Bible. They are presenting a picture of Jesus not as a central and essential component of your life but as one of a number of possible influencers, which is certainly not correct or according to biblical teachings.