If Your Back Hurts Daily, You Need To Check On New Mattresses in Blount County, AL

Does your mattress sag in the middle? Do you wake up with pressure point sore spots on your body? Can you barely walk the first five or ten steps you get out bed? If you answered yes to any of these questions, chances are you need a new mattress.

For years innerspring mattresses were usually the most popular due to the large selection of styles and options available. The prices of innerspring mattresses have a wide range depending on the amount of coils inside the mattress, the fabric and stitching on the mattress and the type of padding used to quilt the top. Innerspring mattresses tend to sag over time and need replaced at a minimum of every ten years.

Pillow top mattresses feel like a pillow for the first few years, but can become lumpy and uncomfortable over a short time. This usually results in replacing the mattress more frequently than every ten years.

Memory foam mattresses are best known for less pressure on your body while you’re sleeping. They also tend to conform to your body while you sleep. For some people, memory foam is too warm to sleep on.

Mattresses in Blount County, AL can be found in all these various types.

Latex foam mattresses have a cooler sleeping surface than memory foam. They are also mold and dust mite resistant. Latex mattresses sell for several thousand dollars.

When looking for a mattress, the most important thing is obviously the comfort. Each person has their own preference on bounciness, softness, firmness and size. When you’re looking for mattresses in Blount County, AL, lie on each mattress and see if you spine is supported in its natural position. Sometimes you may have to lie down on the mattresses several times and for several minutes to see if the comfort of your spine and body is comfortable.

If your current mattress is leaving you tired, restless during the night or with a sore back in the morning, it’s time to get a new mattress. Be sure to check out website for their large line of mattresses for a great night’s sleep.

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