Grooving With God

A staple in any church service is the music. A lot of people have memories of the hymns they heard in church as a child, standing up and subconsciously absorbing the word of God as they sang along. Music is a great way to get people more involved in a church service and provide more interactivity. However, different churches have different styles of music; while traditional churches will use classic hymns out of a songbook, Jacksonville, FL contemporary churches may use music with an entirely different sound to it.

Older Hymns

A lot of elder folks will always prefer the older hymns, and they’re still in use today in a lot of churches, with good reason. These songs of adoration have been a part of the service for years – who can forget classics like “Amazing Grace” and “Away in a Manager”?

The New Sound

However, Jacksonville, FL contemporary churches looking to change things up a bit and attract a younger crowd have been using more contemporary music. Approaching the younger crowd with familiar sounds and instruments that they’ve heard on the radio can help them feel more comfortable in a church setting. Some simply prefer the excitement and rhythm found in the vocals and music of contemporary Christian music compared to the hymns. However, this may at the same time put off an elder churchgoer who is used to the traditional hymn.

Focusing on What’s Important

In conclusion, different churches all over the world have different approaches to the songs used in the sermon. Whether traditional churches or Jacksonville, FL contemporary churches, what’s really important is that the message of God is being spread to as many people as possible. It doesn’t necessarily matter if someone prefers Christian rock to a hymn, as long they’re using that music to show and grow stronger in their faith.

The Southwest Community Church is a non-denominational church located in Jacksonville, Florida. The church holds services at 9:30 and 11:15 am on Sunday, as well as providing weekly events for church members outside of the sermon. All believers are accepted into the ‘Spiritual Family,’ going back to God’s core message of making “disciples of all nations.”