What to Look for before You Post Free Classified Ads Online

by | Mar 8, 2013 | Business

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When you want to sell various items, whether they are new or pre-owned, you have a variety of websites to use that offer free ads. When you use these sites, you are able to keep 100 percent of the profits from selling your item. Before you post free classifieds online, it is important to know what you are looking for to garner the most success.


One of the first decisions you have to make is whether you want your advertising efforts to be global or local. There are many sites available that offer one or both methods for advertising. Some sites offer one large page with all the listings, while others break down the listings by state, city and even region. The more specific you are with how you want to sell your product, the easier it will be to choose a site.


If you want the ability to attach pictures to your listings, you should check with any sites you plan to use to determine if they allow pictures first. Once you determine whether images are allowed, you need to determine how many pictures are accepted when you Post Free Classifieds online. Some sites restrict your images to one or two, while others do not have a limit. Some products, such as small household items, might only need one or two pictures to get the point across, while others, such as a home, might require several to really gain the audience’s interest.

Number of Visitors

One of the most important factors to any website that offers classified listings is its amount of traffic. While you won’t have an exact number to help you make the right decision, you can monitor several sites over the span of a few days or weeks to see its activity level. If there are not a large number of new postings or other activity going on during the time you watch the site, chances are it won’t bring the traffic you desire. The urgency in which you need to sell your item will help you determine the activity level you require.

It might seem overwhelming to sell your items online, but once you determine the best place to post free classified ads online, it becomes easier. Making the few preliminary choices, such as what regions you want to advertise to, how many images you want to include and how active you need the site to be, you will be on your way to selling your items.

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