Auto Glass and Your Safety

by | Mar 8, 2013 | Automotive

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Many people don’t generally think about their auto glass that much but the truth it, the glass in your vehicle is one of the most important parts, especially when it comes to your safety. In Austin TX auto glass typically isn’t something that you would ever really consider unsafe nor is it anything that you would consider vital. The truth is, auto glass can be both dangerous as well as extremely important when you are driving along in your vehicle. In Austin, TX, auto glass is something that all drivers should understand in order to be completely safe on the road.

Your Windshield – The Largest Piece of Auto Glass in Your Vehicle

Made of special laminated glass, the windshield in your vehicle is meant to keep you safe from the dangers of the road, but at the same time, allow you to have an open line of vision. This type of glass is made by surrounding a plastic film with two panes of bent glass that fits perfectly into the make and model of your vehicle. Because of this film, when the glass breaks, ideally it will maintain its shape. Instead of shattering into many pieces, it is manufactured to stay together, though it will likely look like a spiders web of cracks. This will help to keep you safe in the case of a collision.

Your Side and Rear Windows – Different Glass for a Different Purpose

The glass that makes up the other windows in your vehicle, like your side windows, sun roof and rear windows is made up of a different type of glass altogether. Instead of keeping its shape, the auto glass in these windows is designed to break into small pieces when broken. The glass is also tempered which means there are no stress points and the glass is much harder to break than normal glass would be. The reason the glass is made in this way is that when broken, it isn’t sharp, so there is no threat of cuts in the case of a collision.

Should you ever have any instance where the glass in your automobile has shattered, whether from a collision or from another type of accident, you will want to make absolutely sure that the glass that is being installed as a replacement is the same type of glass. You should also try to ensure that it is made to the same specifications and that the glass is of the highest quality. Choosing an auto glass repair company with an excellent reputation is the first step in ensuring the finest service with any replacement or repair. In Austin, there are wonderful auto glass repair shops who would be more than happy to assist when you need this type of service.

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