Remodeling Advice for Small Bathrooms

Remodeling any bathroom can be a struggle, but when you only have a small space to work with it can seem like an impossible task. Sometimes it’s a good idea to pay for bathroom remodeling Services Colorado Springs if you only have a small bathroom. An expert will know exactly what works and how to make the room look a little bigger. However if you’d like to start the remodeling project yourself then there are a few tips you can follow.

Tip #1: Replace the bath with a shower or combine the two

Baths typically take up much more space than a shower. While they may be more relaxing, most people these days mainly only have time for a quick shower in a morning before work. Therefore if your small bathroom currently only has a bath, it could well be worth installing a shower instead.

If you really can’t live without your bath then why not consider combining it with a shower? There are various fixtures you can invest in for this purpose. That way you can enjoy the comfort and luxury of a bubble bath in the evening and the quick convenience of a shower in the morning.

Tip #2: Give the walls a coat of white or bright paint

A white room typically appears larger. So if you’re trying to maintain a spacious, minimalistic style then aim to keep the walls a neutral or bright light color. However, if you’re looking to achieve an intimate, modern bathroom then black slate tiles or brown can work well too. Think about what you want to achieve from the design and that will help you to decide which color is right for you.

Tip #3: Use a freestanding sink

Freestanding sinks are popular when it comes to bathroom remodeling services Colorado Springs. They don’t have cabinets surrounding them which help to provide much more space. Of course you could argue that this limits the amount of storage space you have for towels. If this is something you’re worried about then why not consider a heated towel rail? These fit perfectly onto the wall and also help to give you nice warm towels after a shower or a bath.

Tip #4: Mirrors on the wall

Many people choose to put mirrors on their bathroom walls for vanity purposes. However did you know that they can also help to make the room look bigger? Try to opt for a large mirror whenever possible.

These are just four of the top tips to help you give the impression that the room’s larger than it actually is. It doesn’t matter what size bathroom you have, there’s always great tips to help you to make the most of it. Hiring professional bathroom remodeling services Colorado Springs can help to give your small bathroom the best, most professional looking results.

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