Making the Most of the Gold You Own

by | Mar 11, 2013 | Gold

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Do you have gold jewelry that you don’t wear anymore? Perhaps you have never really liked gold jewelry but where given pieces as gifts in the past. Don’t let that gold be wasted. By selling your unused gold to a gold buyer in Marietta, GA, you can make some fast cash off those pieces. That gold doesn’t have to just collect dust in your jewelry box. Take that jewelry to a gold buyer in Marietta, GA who will give you top dollar for the valuable pieces.

There are many places that claim to buy gold but if you aren’t careful, they will offer you a low price for the gold rather than giving you market value for the amount you have. It is important to shop around for the gold buyer in Marietta, GA that will offer you a fair price for the gold. You may have pieces that are older and may seem tarnished or tainted but with some cleaning solution, they can be made to look like new. Many times a gold buyer may try to talk you down from a higher price because the items may appear in bad condition. This is why it is important to clean your pieces before taking them in to be assessed. Not only will this get you a fair price but it can be a faster process.

A gold buyer in Marietta, GA will be able to give the value of the gold once it is weighed. It is customary for the buyers to weigh the gold in order to determine how much they can pay you for it. If there are other stones in the gold, they will have to account for that weight. If the gold is outdated or the pieces are very random in nature, the shop may melt down the gold into another piece. This is common for shops that can make custom order gold pieces. They will buy a vast amount of gold and use an on-site jeweler or craftsman to recreate pieces that can then be sold as unique, one-of-a-kind gold pieces. So even if your gold has scratches or marks, it can still be worth something to the right shop that has options other than just reselling it.