Urethane Injection Process for Basement Waterproofing

Urethane injections are one of the most common and effective ways to repair basement leaks. It is highly recommended for homeowners requiring a solution for basement cracks that are causing damaging wall seepage. Cracks in your home’s foundation can occur for a number of reasons, such as foundation settling, over-saturation of soil and external vibrations. While not all cracks leak right away, all have the potential to leak under the right conditions. To eliminate moisture in the basement, many turn to basement waterproofing. York foundation repair contractors discuss the urethane injection process for an efficient way to keep out moisture.

How the Injection Process Works

Injecting sealant into cracks around your foundation is one of the best ways to stop water from seeping into your basement. Your contractor will begin by attaching plastic injection ports to the cracks along its length. Next, a surface sealant is applied to the crack – typically an epoxy – to hold the injected material in until it has had a chance to cure. Next, the contractor will fill the crack with an injection of sealant through each port. The most common material used for this purpose is urethane, which offers significant advantages to homeowners.

More About Urethane Injections

If you are thinking about basement waterproofing in York to eliminate moisture in the basement, using urethane injections over traditional epoxy carries a number of benefits, such as being able to adhere to wet concrete. More advanced contractors opt for urethane as the material expands to fill the crack from the inside to the outside soil. Urethane is also a flexible material, maintaining contact with the concrete as it fills in the crack. Epoxy is an alternative to urethane injections. While not used as often anymore, epoxy provides an efficient structural solution. However, epoxy can require regular repair work if the repaired cracks begin to leak again. Due to this reason, urethane remains the better choice for basement waterproofing.

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