Valences Top Off Window Dressings In Torrance Beautifully

In a home, nothing quite makes an impression like the window coverings. You can find a great selection of Santa Monica Window Coverings all over town. You can get window louvers made of real or faux wood or you can find some drapes in either solid colors or with patterns that will give the perfect accent to your room.

The Valences Torrance homes use can add a very special touch to the way you decorate a living room or a formal dining room. Some people try to contrast the color of the main curtains with valences. Others want them to be either the exact same color or one that will complement the color. It depends on the effect they are trying to achieve.

In a family room, many times a creative homeowner or decorator will try to find Santa Monica Window Coverings that very closely match the upholstery of the sofa. When they do this, it becomes the job of the coffee and end tables to provide a stronger accent. For example, is you have white or a very light colored sofa and matching window coverings then a dark wood in the tables really draws your attention.

In a living room, you may want to emulate the style that other Valences Torrance homes have. With a medium colored drape and a lighter colored sheer, the color of the valence will come much closer to matching the color of the sheer in order to draw attention to the window. This is a great technique to use if you have a great view out your living room window. When people’s attention goes to admiring the window coverings they also get to see the view out the window.

You can also see how well Valences Torrance homes go with shutter type window coverings. The valances are used to soften the stiffer straight lines that the shutters have. This combination will often give an elegant look to a room that otherwise looks a bit too simple.

Which ever combination of Valences and main window coverings you decide to put together, it will be that accent that the valences provide that will hold the look together.

At Window Fashions by Jason in Torrance, you will get the best valences for your homes which adds a very special touch to the way you decorate your living room or dining room.