How to Buy a New Refrigerator in Lancaster Pennsylvania

by | May 8, 2013 | Home and Garden

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Purchasing a new refrigerator can be a time consuming experience. The options of performance and styles are endless. By the time you have read online reviews, looked at your options for the freezer, what color; you are ready to get out there and start looking. Most newer models will be more energy efficient and pay for themselves over time. But the options of size, style of opening the doors. How much freezer space do you need? How big is your family? Are you a vegetarian? Here are some suggestions that will help you make a decision on the purchase of a Refrigerator Lancaster Pennsylvania.

Perusing models on the internet will help base your decision. Measure the space where you will place the refrigerator accurately. Correct measurements will help a sales person assist you in choosing the right size for your kitchen and inside the appliance to suit your lifestyle. Generally you need 12 cubic feet for two persons, and add two more cubic feet for additional family members. Refrigerators come in many colors or stainless steel. There are top mount refrigerators or bottom mount. Should you choose to purchase a bottom mount model, you should choose one with either a swinging door freezer or pull out bottom drawer freezer. There are also refrigerators with no freezer at all. Many refrigerators today have a split door on one side, the freezer side for a ice maker and water chiller. Those are most common and the easiest to organize. Another popular refrigerator on the market is the French door refrigerator. It is very similar in design to the split door refrigerator. These models generally have stylish handles and finish. They could look like a refrigerator or they can be manufactured to look like a elegant piece of wooden furniture. You should also make sure your new refrigerator is energy star compliant. Being energy star compliant will save you money on your electric bill. You will be able to get a write off on your taxes. Some models will have a rebate from the manufacturer and in some states utility companies will issue you a monetary incentive for purchasing an energy efficient refrigerator in Lancaster Pennsylvania.