Termite Control Advice For Houston Homes

by | Dec 22, 2011 | Business And Finance

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When seeking options for termite control in Houston families should first understand how complex termite communities are and how equally complex termite control is. Termites are quiet destroyers of homes and can live with a family for years before being discovered. There are many treatments available for termite control and depending on the type of infestation different treatment plans are needed and should be explained thoroughly to homeowners by a licensed termite control expert.

The Problem Of Termites

Termites are tiny insects that eat wood and wood products. They live in the ground burrowing tunnels in constant search of food. Once a food source is found they feed on it non-stop until it is gone. Unfortunately too many families in Houston know the devastating effects termites can have on a home and the importance of quality termite control. Once inside the home termites eat it from the inside out making early detection difficult. They are silent, odorless and often go unseen for years. Most homeowners notice termites when swarmers (winged termites found near doors and windows) appear in spring. If swarmers are found in the home an infestation is already under way.

How To Rid A Home Of Termites

This is a difficult problem for even the most experienced termite control specialist. Once detected there are several methods used to rid a home of the uninvited dinner guests. One of the most popular is a bait method which places termite bait into the ground around the house attracting the bugs to it. The infected bugs bring a slow acting poison back to the colony where it is spread and the colony eventually dies. After the colony is believed to be dead the bait is switched with monitoring devices to detect new activity. Other methods for termite control include chemicals applied around the home to create a barrier against the colony.

Ongoing Treatment To Prevent Reemergence

The best way to protect a home from termites is to always use a licensed professional. Families in Houston wishing to fight termite colonies on their own have a slim chance of winning and can hurt themselves with harsh chemicals if applied incorrectly. Termite control specialists understand the complex nature of termite colonies and how to fight them. They also monitor homes and yards after an infestation to guarantee the termites do not return.

Termites can do thousands of dollars worth of damage to a home if not caught early. It is best for any family with suspicions of termite activity to contact a reputable termite control company for a full inspection. Although it may be tempting to try ‘do it at home’ termite control kits home owners should allow professionals with years of experience in the field handle the tiny home destroyers. When seeking efficient termite control Houston home owners should trust competent, experienced pest control companies with their most valuable asset.