Breast Implants And Their Risk To Chicago IL Women

by | Dec 22, 2011 | Health Care

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For those concerned about breast implants Chicago IL plastic surgeons are more than willing to explain the risks. Even though the FDA has approved both silicone and saline implants the media still takes every opportunity to scare the public with breast implant horror stories. The truth of the matter is that breast implants are safe and millions of women undergo breast augmentation surgery with no catastrophes. Board certified plastic surgeons are skilled surgeons and take every precaution to protect patients from possible threats related to surgery.

Silicone Implants

By far the most popular type of breast implants, silicone implants are preferred over saline by most Chicago IL women. Plastic surgeons prefer them because once inside they look and feel the most natural. That is because silicone most closely resembles human breast tissue. Silicone implants come in predetermined sizes. Once one is chosen the implants, already filled, is inserted under the patient’s breast tissue through a small incision. The downside to silicone implants is that if they rupture the silicone is toxic to the body and quite often ruptures are hard to detect since it is so similar to human tissue.

Saline Implants

The alternative to silicone implants is saline implants. Unlike silicone implants saline implants are not filled until they are inserted into the breast. The hollow bag is inserted under the breast tissue and then the desired amount of saline is pumped into the bag, inflating it. Should a saline implant become ruptured it is very easy to detect since it is in essence a water balloon. The breast will deflate dramatically. Fixing the rupture is relatively easy compared to fixing a silicone implant. Also the saline is harmless to the human body.

The Surgery

Over a million people a year undergo breast surgery of some kind. Plastic surgeons are very skilled at what they do and treat breast surgery with the same standards as any other surgery. In most cases the procedure can be done in the doctor’s office in a surgical suite. Sometimes, however, the surgery must take place in a hospital. Regardless of where the surgery occurs the patient is given a general anesthesia and sent home the same day. Recovery is only a few days.

Only a certified plastic surgeon can thoroughly explain the risks of breast implants. Anyone interested in possibly receiving breast implants should make an appointment with as many plastic surgeons as they like in order to receive multiple opinions. A surgeon can give advice as to which implant is right for the individual as well as what size implant would look best. The goal of a plastic surgeon is for their patients to look totally natural once healed. Plastic surgeons are also able to give the most recent research and data on breast implants and their safety. If fear is keeping one from looking into breast implants Chicago IL plastic surgeons can answer questions and, hopefully, relieve those fears.