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It is very important to get the right heating contractor in Dallas as heating and cooling systems are bought once in 10-15 years. These are big investments and need proper maintenance and service. Let us look at the basic tips for the maintenance of your system and then few guidelines on choosing the right heating contractor for you.

Self-Maintenance tips – Heating Contractors, Dallas

* Check the AFUE rating of your heating system. The higher the rating, the better the energy efficiency is.

* Check if your utility company provides home energy auditor services. They can assess your home at low cost and will provide recommendations on energy saving tips.

* Check the pilot light if it is a natural gas system. The flame should be clear blue, a yellow or orange flame could be the sign of a problem.

* Inspect the blower as well as the vacuum for any dust or debris. Replace or clean the filter every month.

* Keep the motor well oiled and lubricated.

* Check the venting and air registers. They should be clear of any furniture, rugs or drapes.

* If your heating unit has a ‘fan on’ setting, keep it on the year-round. It will move the air around and reduce stale air.

Professional maintenance – Heating contractors, Dallas

You should get the annual maintenance of your heating equipment before the heating season begins. Professional maintenance comprise of the following and more:

For furnaces:

* Perform regular cleaning even that of heat exchanger and burner

* Inspect the venting system and ensure its proper working

* Inspect your gas valve operation, make changes if needed. Inspect, clean and make small adjustments to the pilot burner as needed.

​​* Inspect for any damaged or old wiring that needs to be replaced

For Heat Pumps:

* Clean the evaporator coil is necessary

* Check the operation of furnace or air handler blower assembly. Clean as needed and adjust for operating and running efficiency.
Inspect all the electrical connection.

Tips to hire heating contractors in Dallas

* Research online for the service contractors and their annual maintenance plans.

* Get referrals, feedbacks from locals, families and friends

* Look for the number of experience the contractors have had in the business and in the area

* Contractor need to provide more than just good services. They should be able to come to your home for a free evaluation.

* Ask for their emergency and turn around policy in case you need the service pr repair immediately.

* Their annual maintenance plan should be customizable. This shows that they are ready to listen to their customers.

* They should be licensed contractors with good standing with BBB.

* They should be willing to provide written contracts and documentation. This often indicates accountability.

With proper maintenance and a good heating contractor increase the energy efficiency of your home and reduce the monthly energy bills.

Do your research and find the best heating contractors Dallas. For more information visit