SUV Car Rental in Hawaii Made Easy

If you are planning on exploring any of the Hawaiian Islands, you will assuredly need a dependable rental car. For families and groups of four or more people, the most logical choice is renting a larger vehicle. However, regardless of the make and model desired, you’ll find many ways to save money through discounts. SUV car rental in Hawaii is a highly competitive business. Therefore, agencies will often offer great pricing particularly during the off-season.

Economy Car or Larger Vehicle
One of the first determinations that an individual or family must make is the type of rental car needed. The biggest consideration is size of your group and what you intend to do when on the island. Economy cars offer great gas mileage and the convenience of easier parking. The downside is that you’ll have limited storage capacity and less room and comfort inside for travelers. Many corporate customers will opt for SUV vehicles or limousines. The choices are almost limitless; therefore shop around carefully to ensure you get the vehicle you want.

Renting a Recreational Vehicle
Amazingly enough, the SUV car rental in Hawaii providers can even rent out recreational vehicles. For large groups this is often a viable and cheaper alternative to hotels. As it is a more recent addition to the Big Island, currently there aren’t any RV facilities. However, beach parks and campgrounds are ideal places for parking although you will likely require a parking permit. As with regular rentals, it’s highly suggested to reserve your recreational vehicle well in advance of your vacation.

Hawaii Car Rental Pricing
Rates can vary in price plus options. Obviously, a simple economy compact vehicle is going to be far less than a luxurious SUV or other exotic luxury car. For those on a budget, it’s recommended to rent a fuel-efficient auto. Keep in mind that gas is much more expensive throughout Hawaii compared to the mainland. It costs more to import gasoline to the islands and these higher prices are reflected at the pump.

Additional Charges
Quite often travelers will face additional fees such as insurance, mileage, airport surcharges and sales tax. Always make certain you have a complete understanding of the total costs before submitting your credit card number and making a confirmed reservation. Economy and SUV car rental in Hawaii can easily be conducted online. This gives clients an easy way to pick out the perfect vehicle conveniently and comfortably from their home.

Hawaii has become one of the most traveled destinations in the world. If you need SUV car rental in Hawaii, get in touch with Hawaii Car Rentals for the best deals on rental cars.

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