Different designs of safes and vaults for your specific security need

Are you looking for the best safe? The best way is to start asking what your specific security needs are. Different kinds of safes are sold every day in different online and physical shops across the globe. In order to buy a safe that will meet your needs, you will need to know more about them. Safes and vaults come in a variety of specifications and specific functions. A Hollon safe carries guarantees and certifications you will need to identify to be able to compare.

Diverse Uses

Safes can be specified to be fire-resistant and both fire and burglar-resistant. A Hollon safe can either be a dedicated cash safe, home safe, data safe, depository safe, and gun safe. In addition, designs exist for a wall or a floor vault. Let’s look at 3 of the most in-demand safe designs.

Fire-Resistant Safe

Fireproof Hollon safes are rated to protect documents and items for 2 hours. Fireproof safes are ideal for office use and home use. It can withstand in an inferno of up to 1800 degrees while keeping the internal temperature at a comfortable 350 degrees. To keep the fireproof safe functioning no matter what happens, the keypad lock has a non-volatile memory that can keep stored codes even if the batteries are removed. In addition, fireproof safes withstand the impact of a 30-foot drop. The smallest model, Hollon HS 610-E can accommodate 1.6 cubic feet. The inner height is 16 3/5 inches with identical 12 inches width and depth and a weight of 176 pounds. The biggest model, the two-door HS-1750E can accommodate 23 cubic feet of office documents with an interior height of 56 inches. There are also more affordable models that have a 1 hour guarantee in heat reaching 1800 degrees.

Heavy Duty Fireproof and Burglar-proof

If fire is not your only threat, you will need a heavy duty reliable fire- and burglar-resistant safe. The safes are rated to withstand 2 hours of intense heat. The FB-450E model is the smallest. But it has remarkable anti-burglary features. There are 2 moving front bolts, a vertical locking bar, a bolt down hardware high intensity auxiliary relock device and a heavy-duty vault hinge. This protects a volume capacity of 1.23 cu. ft. The largest fire and burglar safe model, the FB-1505E has additional 2 moving front bolts and can accommodate 14.54 cu. ft. of valuable possessions with a height of around 53 inches. All of the designs feature a 3-inch solid steel and fireproof material layer to protect the inside.

Gun Safe

A Hollon gun safe can be chosen from the Republic or Reserve Gun series. The Reserve Gun Series has a 10 gauge thick steel door and a 10 gauge seamless body. It offers fire and burglary resistance. The safe is rated to protect any gun and ammunition it contains for 1 hour at 1250 degrees. It is protected by layered fireboard totalling 1.5 inches in the door and 1 inch in the entire body. The safe is equipped with 10 1-inch active chrome plated solid steel live locking bolts securing the four sides of the door. The lock is protected by a drill-resistant hard plate. The heat activated door seal expands and prevent smoke and other elements entering the interior. The biggest reserve gun safe, the RSV-5939, can carry 39 firearms at most with 22.5 cubic feet of space. The Republic series has similar stats but with a 3 gauge plated steel door and active spring loaded re-locker to prevent punch attacks. Similar to the Republic series, the door is 5 inches thick, and the body protects with 1.25 inches of fireproof material and solid steel. The RG-39 has the most capacity at 22.5 cu. ft. with a height of 56 inches.

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