Know the Law: Laws About Trip Trucking Permits in aFlorida Every Trucker Should be Aware of

An important element of your trucking business is ensuring that your customer’s goods arrive from one location to their destination in time. Sometimes, the transportation of such goods may require your trucks to cross from one state to the next. In the State of Florida, there are specific laws that govern the transportation industry and are meant to ensure that your trucks operate in an economical and safe environment. One of the requirements for trucks going through is Trip Trucking Permits Florida laws.

Enforced by the Florida Highway Patrol Office of Commercial Vehicle Enforcement (OCVE), trucking permits are required to be purchased before your truck can get into the state. This is because Florida is not one of the port of entry states. Below are a few critical things you should know about trip permits in Florida. View the site for more info.

Weight and Size Limits

Florida law regulates the weight and size of every truck coming in and out of its borders. Specific information on the determination of the weight and size is available from the Florida Highway Patrol, the OCVE or specific licensed agents like Florida Fuel Permits. It is vital that all truck drivers watch for the load limit signs and obey them at all times.

When Do You Require a Trip Permit?

Apart from weight issues, all trucks (out-of-state) that are eligible for registration in Florida but are not registered should have the permit. Since photocopies or duplicates are not an option, drivers are required to have the original documents in their vehicles at all times. The trip permit is valid for 10 day and is available at a low fee, which includes wire service fees.

What Does Apportionable Vehicle Mean

A common buzzword when it comes to trip permits is “apportionable.” In order to qualify under this term in Florida:

  • Your vehicle has to part of a known fleet operating or intending to do business in Florida
  • A carrier should also have an established address of business in Florida

In order to ensure that you navigate through the trip trucking permits Florida laws successfully, it is critical that you work with a professional like Coast 2 Coast Trucking Permits LLC. Working with the experts will help reduce amount of time wasted as you haul your client’s goods.

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