Frequently Asked Questions About Home Foundation Interior And Exterior Repairs

If your home has foundation issues, this can cause damage to the inside and outside of your house. To keep the damage from escalating, contact a company that specializes in home foundation Interior and Exterior Repairs. To find out if your home is in need of a foundation expert, read the frequently asked questions below.

What types of damage can foundation issues cause to the interior of a house?

As your foundation moves, it causes the structure of your house to shift. You’ll notice cracks above your windows and doors that reach to the ceiling. When this happens, your windows and doors may stick and become difficult to open and close. Other interior issues you may have include cracked ceramic floor tiles, uneven floors or separation of the walls from the ceiling. Your basement walls may develop large cracks or the walls may slant inward.

What are the warning signs to look for on the outside of the house that signal foundation damage?

Examine the masonry on the outside of your house and look for long vertical cracks. You may have cracks in the bricks, the mortar or both. Inspect the exterior of your home and look for window frame, wall and roof separation.

What causes a house foundation to shift?

As the soil settles, expands and contracts underneath your house, it can cause the foundation to move. It’s not uncommon for large aggressive tree roots to grow underneath houses and put pressure on the foundation walls. Poor drainage around your house causes the water to settle close to your foundation. An excessive amount of water in the soil causes the dirt to expand and push against your foundation. A leaking water line can also have the same impact as it saturates the soil around the perimeter of your house. If you notice any damage to the inside or outside of your house, a qualified company that performs Interior and Exterior Repairs can inspect your house and give you an estimate.

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