Great Reasons Why a Poured Floor Prevails Over Other Surfaces

Areas of high foot traffic in a home or business receive a lot of abuse. Excess wear and discolouration can easily be noticed on any standard floor covering. Although carpet, linoleum, or tile can look great when first installed, over time they will suffer from consistent day-to-day usage. Installing a Poured Floor is one of the most unique approaches to avoiding degradation issues. This highly durable and stain resistant surface can stand the test of time and hold a pleasant appearance regardless of what it’s been through.

Poured flooring can be created from epoxy, urethane or acrylic materials. Upon application, the finished product becomes a non-porous and stain resistant surface. This is perfect for showrooms, production areas, kitchens, or rest-rooms in commercial facilities. These rooms are heavily traveled and their floors collect a lot of dust, dirt, and waste. This debris can cause stains and create bacteria that is hard to remove from any cracks, crevices, or grout. A business like Hoffman Floor Covering knows how to solve this problem. The smooth, seamless poured flooring that they specialize in offers no spaces for debris to collect, making cleaning a breeze. Additionally, any spilled liquids or grease can be sanitized without fear of a residual stain or contamination. The flooring can also be poured so that it curves up the wall, making a slightly rounded edge that has no trappings. To top this off, the flooring company is able to create a slip resistant surface which aides in the prevention of workplace injuries.

Although this product is more commonly seen in commercial facilities, many people have found it to be a great floor covering for residential garages or basements. Both of these areas are prone to heavy traffic and exposure to excess liquids so it’s very logical to apply here. Visiting a website like will show a home-owner everything that can be done with poured flooring in a residence. The wide assortment of colours and textures that can be added to the covering will turn a boring cement Gray floor into strikingly pleasing surface.

The ease of use and low maintenance aspects of a Poured Floor make it very appealing. Serving as the most sanitary of flooring options, this surface can serve multiple purposes in both residential and commercial buildings. Reasonably priced and quick to install, poured flooring is one of the most economical and enduring products to cover a high traffic area. You can also visit their Google+ page for more information.

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