Hiring a Bisbee Child Custody Lawyer to Understand Custody Options and Rights

When two people set out to start a family, they are under the belief that they will spend the rest of their lives together. Unfortunately, this is not always the outcome. For one reason or another, couples choose to split everyday. However, when there is a child involved it can make the process even more difficult. Having a Child custody lawyer Bisbee help you understand the types of child custody options as well as the rights of the child and parents are important.

Child Custody Options
When it comes to child custody, most courts are in favor of the parents reaching an agreement of joint custody because of the benefits to the child and parents. Although this is the ultimate goal of the court, it is not always feasible for a number of reasons. If joint custody is not an option, your Child custody lawyer Bisbee can help you fight for an alternative.

* Sole physical custody. The child only lives with one of their parents and the other parent is granted visitation.
* Sole legal custody. A single parent has the right to make decisions on behalf of the child.
* Shared legal custody. Each parent is able to make decision on behalf of the child.

Right of the Child
In child custody cases the rights of the child are paramount. The physical and emotional well being of the child is the most important factor to consider. Basic rights of each child include the following:

* Right to be cared for by each of their parents
* Right to have open communication with each of their parents
* Right to a name
* Right to Life

All of these rights are considered when the court is making any custodial decision concerning the child.

Rights of the Parents
Also important are preserving the relationship between parent and child. Granting parents a number of rights in these type of proceedings is how this goal is accomplished.

* An unmarried mother automatically receives custody
* Each biological parent has automatic custody rights
* An unmarried father has to prove paternity before establishing custody
* Married parents are both entitled to custody

Similar to child rights, these rights are also considered when making decisions on child custody Bisbee cases.

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