Surprise Accidents that May Require a Consultation with a Personal Injury Attorney in Atlanta

by | May 16, 2013 | Attorney

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Our environment is a maze of potential hazards. Most days, people pass through without much thought to what is around them. This tends to lead people into thinking that they are safe. Most personal injuries take people by complete surprise. While some of these hazards can be avoided, most hazards just appear with no warning at all.
A little water on a tile floor causes a slippery situation. Because water is clear, it is not readily noticeable. Even though the spill itself might be incidental, the end result of slipping on it can mean a trip to the hospital. This is made worse if the incident happens in a public place and the spill is known about, A Personal Injury Attorney Atlanta is an option to explore when those injuries turn into medical bills.
One of those unforeseen accidents happens when equipment fails in the process of being used. Ladders that break cause falls. Lines that snap can cause lacerations. Misfiring power tools can cause impalement injuries. Sometimes, those accidents are a result of design flaws. A Personal Injury Attorney Atlanta can help determine if the accident was due to a design flaw in the equipment.
Another accident scenario that can catch people unaware is falling objects. Things such as a falling tree branch pose a dangerous hazard. On rare occasions, things can fall from the sky. Things can also come out of seemingly nowhere such as a badly hit golf ball. You can’t duck if you don’t see the objects coming at you. Such objects can come completely by surprise and can cause injuries.
Just like objects falling out of the sky can catch people by surprise, objects on the ground can also pose a hazard. Things that stick out can cause people to trip. Tripping injuries aren’t always avoidable and they certainly catch people by surprise.
There are many things in the environment that pose a hazardous situation. Many of those situations catch people by surprise. But if the hazards are known by a company, you may have a legal case. In that situation, you should contact a personal injury lawyer.