Getting Your Own Lawyer For A Criminal Case

The court system may seem to move quickly and glacially slow, both at the same time. People who are facing a criminal charge, no matter what level, are often confused and unable to understand the finer details of their case if they are not being represented in the proceedings by their own lawyer.

To many people, the court hearings themselves may seem to go by all too quickly, with people using legal terminology and even acronyms that the average person does not understand.

At the same time the hearings themselves may be short, the time that may elapse between court appearances can drag out the duration of a case, making the defendant wait longer for the resolution they will have for their charges.

Defendants who have Criminal Attorneys representing them are able to be sure that the lawyer that represents them will always help them prepare in advance of their court dates and that any questions that arise during or after a court appearance can be answered.

The Criminal Lawyers Norwich CT practice works with all types of defendants, from misdemeanor charges, all the way up to felony level cases. The attorneys who are familiar with the local courts and the judges in front of whom they will be appearing can advise their clients about specifics that relate to their charges and help them be ready for what to expect in their court appearances.

In cases that involve new charges that trigger probation violations, having a criminal attorney to represent you during your court appearances can be seen as even more important.

People who have priors on their record are often facing an increased maximum of fine amounts, either in addition to or with the possibility of some jail time. Defendants who have their own advocate in the form of their defense counsel can allow their attorney to speak up on their behalf in many instances.

The defense counsel is able to speak to the prosecution and the judge, both on behalf of their client so that the client’s concerns and constitutional rights are addressed properly. Defendants who are represented during their criminal cases will see their cases handled more efficiently than if they had attempted to conduct the hearing without their own legal counsel.


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