Getting the Right Garage Door Repair in Ashburn, VA

by | Jan 14, 2013 | Business And Finance

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Need your garage door repaired? If you’ve never had to do this before, how do you know who to select to do the job? A repairman who does a poor job on an already damaged door can cause even more problems, as well as dangerous situations. To be certain you do your best to hire the most qualified person to repair your garage door, here are some tips you can follow.

Check out the internet or perhaps your phone book for local garage door repair services. Don’t just select the first one listed; examine all you come across and eliminate those that don’t appeal. Look for businesses that are well-established and have been providing these services for many years. Call and ask about the services they can provide, while describing your garage door problem, and ask what sort of timeframe they operate under. For non-emergency services, it is reasonable to allow about a week. For emergency services, a good company will have someone who can come to you immediately.

When calling companies, inquire about pricing. You should be able to get an idea of what is reasonable and standard for most work. It may be wise to be leery of companies that quote you well below or well above what most other companies do. Costs should reflect the amount and type of work done, along with the quality of the job.

In some cases, garage door repair companies may attempt to up-sell you products or services that you do not need. It may be hard to know just what it is you do or do not need if this is not a situation that you’ve had to deal with before, but oftentimes up-selling becomes very obvious fairly quickly. Companies that do this can be pushy and aggressive, and if this happens, it’s time to seek out a different company to work with. One way to attempt to curb this sort of behavior is to follow your repair person around and very closely observe where they find problems and note what those specific problems are. Inquire as to the cost of the part or parts needed, along with what the labor charges will be. Then request an estimate in writing, including a statement of what repairs need to be performed. Hold the company to this written estimate once the repair work has been completed.

Repair on your garage door is rather important as it can lead to a potentially dangerous situation. Don’t waste time in seeking help, as even if no one becomes injured by a garage door in need of repair, the damage could progress and then it will only cost you more to correct it.


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