Consideration of Family and Friends Regarding Cremation in King of Prussia, PA

by | Jan 11, 2013 | Funeral

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Death, dying, and funeral preparations are things that most people generally do not care to spend much time discussing. Unfortunately, we all die, therefore these are issues that will eventually need to be dealt with. While difficult, it’s important that this topic be talked about and at the very least roughly planned well before the time may come. And in some cases, this is going to involve either yourself, a family member, or a friend desiring a cremation rather than a traditional funeral.

Some may find this idea unsettling, especially if it’s learned about at the last minute. Establishing in advance that cremation is what you would prefer will give family and friends time to adjust to the idea and learn more about it if it is something they don’t fully understand. You can assist in this process by providing the initial information, either by requesting information be sent to you from the crematorium, or by visiting its website. Or, you can consider bringing one or two family members with you to visit the facility itself and speak to its director.

When making final plans that involve cremation, you should also determine what other services, if any, you may desire. If you choose to have a memorial service, this will need to be planned in advance at a location other than the crematorium, however they will likely be able to assist you in setting this up. If you wish to have family witness the cremation, this will also need to be planned. Deciding what you would like your family to do with the remains afterward should be given consideration as well. In some cases a scattering service will be made available should family or friends not be able to do so personally. In other cases you may be able to have your remains shipped to another location should you so desire. It is best to have all of these considerations put in to writing so that your family will know exactly what needs to be done in the event of your passing and will not need to face difficult decisions on their own.

If there are lingering doubts among your friends and family, remind them that cremation is a cheaper alternative to a traditional burial, while still allowing for a variety of ceremonies to take place. Once cremated, remains can be transported to a variety of locations, including your church, your home, or a scenic location you personally have picked out. Any sort of service can then be performed, be it of a religious nature or one where friends and family simply gather to remember you. By discussing these topics well in advance, those who are left to handle your passing will be well prepared to follow through with your wishes.