Canoe Trip Camp: An Adventurous Alternative

Is your son the outdoorsy and adventurous type? Is he constantly looking for something new and challenging to add to his plate? If you answered yes to either one of these questions, you may want to think about enrolling him in a canoe trip camp this summer! From making friends and bonding with others his age to testing his physical and mental limits out on the water, young men will emerge from the summer feeling more confident and energetic than ever! And the best part – there wasn’t a television or game system in sight!

Various Age Groups
If you have a younger son, rest assured that he won’t be thrown out there with the “big kids” on a trip. When you enroll your child in a canoe trip camp, you’ll be able to choose the duration of the trip he’ll be going on and select his age group, as well. This not only ensures he’s placed with kids his own age, but that the trip itself isn’t too long or challenging for the younger ones. Short trips can last just two days, but older kids will really enjoy the longer, nearly month-long journeys that take place through Ontario and Quebec.

Learning as They Go
A canoe trip camp does not expect your son to know everything there is to know about canoeing. After all – isn’t that why he’s signed up to begin with?! Counselors will walk your son through all of the planning and packing steps. They’ll not only prepare themselves adequately, but they’ll also learn why various items are necessary and what they’ll be used for during their trip. This is a great skill for young adventurers to learn, especially if they plan on spending a great deal of time outdoors as they get older.

Supervised and Safe
And parents – rest assured. Your child will always be in a safe and secure environment with a professionally trained individual while out on these trips. Counselors who supervise these canoe trips have a passion for both working with children and the great outdoors – so you can be sure that your son will truly have the guidance and leadership he needs to have a fantastic time out on the water. Be sure to look into canoe camping programs in your area and consider signing your son up for an experience he’s sure to never forget this summer! How many kids can say they had this opportunity?

Canoe Trip Camp – Camp Pathfinder provides various canoe camping trip experiences for boys of all ages in the Ontario and Quebec area. Campers learn to pack, paddle, and explore the great outdoors with help from their experienced counselors!

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