Choosing Graduate Programs in Washington

Choosing a graduate program is just as important and life-changing as choosing your undergraduate program. You are now more experienced and knowledgeable on your skills and your career path. As you research graduate programs Washington, take into consideration the mission and values of the school, programs offered, scheduling flexibility, and proximity to off-campus activities.

Mission and Values

You are now well into adulthood and know who you are and what you seek to accomplish in the world. Seek an education at an institution that mirrors your values. Northwest Nazarene University is built on Christian values. You are being furnished with the tools needed to succeed in life as well as in your chosen career. You are surrounded by staff, faculty, and peers that practice and encourage integrity. You are encompassed by similarly impassioned individuals that want to change the world.


A school of higher learning offers a healthy selection of programs in the fields that they have been able to recruit experienced professionals to lead. Ensure the school has your desired program as well as your alternate choices. If the material proves to be of a nature that pushes you to seek a new path, take comfort in knowing you chose a school that offers your second and third options for areas of study. Northwest Nazarene University offers graduate programs in eleven varied disciplines.


If you are juggling employment or a family while completing your degree, you want flexibility. Ensure the programs have hours that can accommodate your busy schedule. This information is best obtained from taking part in an information session. These informal sessions allow potential students to ask questions that are less general and more specific to their individual needs.


School is not just about books. You want to enjoy your days in class as well as on your down time. Select an institution that is close to the landscape and activities that you enjoy in order to maintain a healthy school and life balance. Northwest Nazarene University is located on a sprawling 90 acre landscape. In addition, the campus lies just a short drive to the state’s capital, ski resorts, canyons, and rivers.

The decision of graduate programs Washington should be filled with the enjoyment of knowing that you are strengthening the foundation for your future success.

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