Reasons To See An Eye Doctor In Smyrna TN

Our senses are some of the most important parts of our bodies. Each one has specific biological functions designed to keep us alive, much like the rest of our organs and tissues. However, whereas many parts of our bodies keep us alive by performing internal chemical processes, providing structure, or storing nutrients, our five senses keep us alive by allowing us to perceive the world around us.

With our sense of touch, we can be alerted to damage caused to our bodies in the form of pain, and can feel pleasure, which is often a biological imperative. Our senses of taste and smell can tell us whether something we eat is poisonous when our other senses haven’t been able to tell. We also use smell to detect other animals and potential dangers. With our eyes we can see potential dangers, and find food; and with our ears we can hear things that our eyes can’t see, be they friend, foe, or something else.

When one of these important senses is lost, chances of survival in the wild are significantly reduced. In modern society with medical care, friends and family, and more, losing one of the senses can make life a lot more difficult. If you’re looking for an eye doctor in Smyrna, you might be all too aware of these potential hurdles. If you’re starting to lose your sight, or you’ve noticed any change, it may be crucial to get to an optometrist in Smyrna as soon as possible.

Optometry is an important area of health care. Not only do practitioners of optometry concern themselves with the eyes and their health, but the structures connected or related to the eye are also important. The optic nerve, for instance, transmits information from the eye’s retina to the relevant areas of the brain. The extraocular muscles, on the other hand, are six muscles (per eye) that keep the eye stable and allow it to move around. A seventh muscle operates the upper eyelid. An eye doctor in Smyrna may specialize in all of these parts, and will be able to tell you more about each of them.

If you notice symptoms of sight loss or impairment such as blurred vision, black spots in your visual field, or loss of peripheral vision, you should see an eye doctor in Smyrna as soon as possible.

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