When to Call An Emergency Dentist Shorewood WI

If you’ve never had a dental emergency, you may not know when to call an Emergency Dentist Shorewood WI. The most common reason to call a dentist after hours is pain, but oral pain can be caused by a number of problems.

You should call a dentist right away if you have oral pain because blood vessels or nerves could be damaged. You could also get an infection in your mouth that could travel to other parts of your body and cause serious damage. In very rare cases, an infection beginning in the mouth can be life threatening.

There has been a lot of advances in dentistry in the recent past, so call an Emergency Dentist Shorewood, WI right away. The dentist may be able to save the tooth to avoid tooth loss or permanent damage. If the tooth can not be saved, there are synthetic materials that can be used to repair the damage. An emergency dentist can also provide pain relief so you do not have to suffer. You should call your dentist after hours if you are in pain. Your family dentist can tell you if you need to be seen right away or if you can wait until the next business day to get treatment.

If you see damage to your tooth, such as a crack or chip, call your dentist right away. These can cause the tissue to get exposed, which can cause serious damage and pain. Getting early treatment helps prevent an infection and more problems.

You should also call an Emergency Dentist Shorewood WI if you lose a crown or filling. When these fall off, they expose your tooth and bacteria can enter your body. If left untreated, the tooth can suffer more damage, which means higher dental bills to get it fixed. If your dentist doesn’t offer after hours emergency calls, ask who you should call. If you can’t get a hold of a dentist, go to the emergency room. An oral infection can travel through your body and cause a serious infection in other parts of your body. Always call your dentist if you are in pain or think you have an infection in your mouth.


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