Why You Should Use Video File Compression

by | Nov 30, 2012 | Business And Finance

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Video files can take up a lot of room. The biggest reason why these files are so large is because they contain a combination of video and audio. In addition, because videos are often longer, ranging from a few seconds to several minutes or even longer, there is a lot of data that is compiled in these files. However, there are times when those files are just too large. There are many reasons why you may need video file compression services.

If you intend to post your videos online, you will need to compress them. Video posting websites, such as YouTube, require you to upload smaller files. Because the service is free, they don’t want you to take up too much space on their servers when you aren’t paying for it. Therefore, you will want to compress the longer video files that you want to post online. Sharing videos through email may require compression as well.

Another important reason to use video file compression services is to save space on your own computer. Even though computers have extensive storage space on them, you can quickly fill up your hard drive by storing a lot of video files on your computer. If they are compressed, they will take up less space on your hard drive. If you transfer them to a thumb drive or a disc, you will be able to fit more videos there as well.

Compressed video files will also play more smoothly when viewed by others over the Internet. When you post your videos online, people with varying Internet speeds will attempt to view your files. If your files are compressed, it will not take as long to load for those who are going to view them. Your audience will appreciate that your videos don’t take as long to load and still have the same quality as those videos that seem to take forever to load.

There are many benefits to using video file compression services. Because video files take up so much space when they are left in their original form, making them smaller is important. You will be able to post these compressed videos on video posting websites with few problems. When you do post them, your audience will be able to view them more quickly and smoothly because of the smaller file that needs to load. In addition, you will save space on your hard drive or other storage spaces when your video files are compressed.


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