Types of Water Treatment Waterford MI

Water treatment refers to the different methods used to clean water, improve its taste and make it more suitable for its intended use. This means that water meant for washing is made softer and easier by mixing with detergents while water for drinking is made tastier removing any unwanted particles or germs. Treatment methods differ depending on the intended use of water.

There are a number of water treatment, Waterford MI methods that help deal with specific types of water contaminations. Understanding the kind of contamination helps you to identify the most ideal treatment equipment to buy. The different water conditions require different treatment procedures that will effectively deal with the contamination in the water. The types of water treatment methods are;

*     Disinfection, this is treatment through use of chemicals to kill bacteria and harmful microorganisms in the water. One of the most commonly used types of water disinfectant is chlorine. Chlorination is very old treatment method that has been used for centuries.

*     Carbon filters are used for water treatment in situations where the water taste and odour have been greatly affected by the organic compounds in the water. Water is run through carbon filters at a certain rate depending on the capacity of the filter. These types of filters need to be replaced occasionally especially when you begin to notice very little change in the water once it has been passed through the filter. Carbon filters can also be used to eliminate presence of organic chemicals in water too.

*     Another type of Water treatment, Waterford MI that can be used to deal with problems with odour in water is oxidizing filters. Oxidizing filters deal with hydrogen sulphide gas in the water systems, which causes the water to have the smell of a rotten egg.

*     If your water has suspended particles in it, then fibre filters are the best types of filters to use. The water filter holds back any physical particle in the water.

*     Water from boreholes often has the problem of hardness, hard water is water that contains very high mineral contents; typically, hard water contains high levels of calcium and manganese. Hard water makes detergents an soap less effective. Softeners are water treatment chemicals that can help reduce water hardness.

*      Neutralizing filters are treatments that help balance the pH health in water.

Identifying the type of contamination causing the bad odour, and taste in your water helps you purchase the most effective treatment methods. In cases where you are not sure of the type of treatment required, the water can be tested for chemicals and impurities in order to determine the ideal treatment required to improve it for domestic purpose or any intended commercial purpose.



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