Why Hire a Professional Commercial Cleaning Service in Kennesaw?

by | Nov 4, 2020 | Cleaning

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There are many reasons why it’s so important to keep the workplace clean. A business’s staff requires a clean environment, and the level of cleanliness says quite a bit about the business itself. In many cases, it does not make sense for a business owner to hire on-site staff to clean the facilities, simply because of how high the cost can be. Hiring a professional commercial cleaning service in Kennesaw can be very beneficial for such businesses. Here are some things to consider prior to choosing a company for this service.

Knowledge and Experience

Most business owners know that they need to keep their offices clean and tidy, but they usually don’t understand just how critical it is. Consider this:

* There are millions of bacteria on any given elevator button.

* Office phones have over 25,000 germs per square inch.

* There are 2.7 million bacteria per square inch on water fountains.

* Computer keyboards have 200 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat.

* The average workplace bathroom contains fecal toxins and E-coli on virtually every surface.

As anyone can see, hiring a professional, experienced cleaning service is essential to minimize workplace-related illnesses and other issues. Professionals understand how to clean these areas and ensure that bacteria, viruses, and germs are completely eliminated. In some cases, this will take much more than a quick wipe-down.

Increase Productivity

It has been proven that when workers have a clean office to work in, they are more productive. When there are not as many germs around, there is less of a chance that the workers will become ill and need to call out of work. Professional commercial cleaning services in Kennesaw will also be able to eliminate dust, which can lead to respiratory issues.

You can learn more by contacting the staff at Prestigious Cleaning Team. These individuals understand how to clean all types of commercial buildings and ensure that they are aesthetically pleasing to look at and be in. Minimize dust, dirt, germs, and more with the help of professional cleaners. Call today for a custom quote.