2 Steps to Consider After Buying the Car of Your Dreams in IL

You have finally found the vehicle of your dreams, but it is located in Illinois. You have contacted the current owner of the vehicle and have told them you will be flying in from a nearby state to buy the car. The following week, you arrive in Chicago and are now heading to purchase the car and drive home with it. The current owner calls you and informs you that the registration will need to be renewed as it is already expired. Here are 2 steps you should consider following next.

Transfer Ownership

One of the first steps you should take after purchasing the vehicle is to transfer its ownership. This is a vital and necessary step before you can begin the vehicle registration renewal process. It is also important to verify that the title has been signed by the seller.


The next step you should take after transferring the ownership of the vehicle to yourself is renewing the registration sticker. This is another important and necessary step that will allow you to drive the vehicle home.

Save Time by Allowing the Professionals to Help You

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