Where Can People Read About Bible Prophecy In the News?

In the Book of Revelations 17:13, is a prophecy that a European Dictator would rule, and millions of people would offer their allegiance.  It is also said that he would be supported by civil leaders, and authority would be offered to the beast.

During the Economic Depression between the years 1929 to 1933, people of Germany were angered. This provided a solid foundation for Adolf Hitler to come into power. It is pointed out by the biographer of Hitler that he came into power because of the Great Economic Depression. He would not be the leader of Germany without the Depression. The anarchy and fear that surrounded the German citizens is impossible to describe in words.

It is impossible to survive without a job. In Germany, massive unemployment had developed an environment of fear, and uncertainty. This had made people indecisive, which led them to take up desperate solutions.  With his staggering personality, Hitler soon had people to follow him and his ideals.

Today, people have named this generation as the Jobless Generation. This is because millions of people around the globe have lost their jobs. Additionally, this present state of unemployment has angered the people. People do not have good job opportunities. The global economy has created an impact on people across Cairo to Manila, as well as Seattle to Milan. Well this kind of situation is not favorable for the people, who are beginning their career. It is disheartening for college graduates, since they want to make a mark in the industry. In a few other nations such as Europe and Japan, it is not possible to pay for health treatments. In fact, the state of affairs does not support funding of pensions for retired citizens. Moreover, the youth is engaged in a number of criminal activities thanks to the unemployment. There are others, who also get involved in terrorist activities. Modern history is a proof that whenever there is high unemployment, people will get into fights with each other and their governments. The Arab nations faced this dilemma with the Arab Spring upraising, which was due to a high state of unemployment.

Most people are interested to know about Bible Prophecy in the News. But, they do not know where to read about the news. As the results of high unemployment over the years have been discussed, we see that the present state awaits the rise of a new set of leaders in key countries. Well, if you want to be aware of world news, you should look for a website that offers pertinent information about the world, and also discusses the Prophecy of the return of the Lord.

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