Lee Harvey Oswald – The Evidence Shows That He Is Innocent

There is no doubt that the assassination of President Kennedy continues to be a case, which despite the findings of the Warren Commission, many feel has never been closed. Many argue that the findings of the commission as a whole are flawed; only further spurring on the accusations of conspiracy or cover up. There are many conspiracies regarding the reason for the assassination and also who actually pulled the trigger. Lee Harvey Oswald for years was regarded as a the killer who shot President Kennedy, however mounting evidence is showing that he was indeed innocent

Why People Believe the Warren Commission Was Wrong About Lee Harvey Oswald

There was a great deal of testimony heard at the Warren Commission, although it also seems as if the findings themselves seemed to outright ignore much of it. Some of the conclusions that they came to were rather baffling.

One witness who saw the gunman on the 6th floor window said the man had a bald spot on his head. Lee Harvey Oswald had a full head of hair

Another witness, Brenner, said that he saw a man wearing a white shirt, and that this was the man who was holding the rifle on the 6th floor. When Lee Harvey Oswald was captured, he was in a brown shirt. The same witness also said that the man who shot President Kennedy was a lot older than Lee Harvey Oswald and that Lee Harvey Oswald looked too young to be the same man that he saw. This man was the chief witness, and he was clear about the fact that he did not believe Lee Harvey Oswald to be the shooter

Another witness said that Lee Harvey Oswald was seen on the first floor at the time that he was meant to be on the 6th floor with the rifle in his hands.

Police officer Baker, just two minutes following the first shot, saw Lee Harvey Oswald in the door window of the 2nd floor, which was the lunchroom. This is exactly where Lee Harvey Oswald said he was when he was questioned by the Warren Commission and it was congruent with his initial statements too.

If that alone is not enough, the biggest indictment on the Warren Commission was how Lee Harvey Oswald was held responsible for the shooting of others on what was essentially a spree, although the timing and the speed of the spree could never be reenacted at all and was completely debunked by many who reviewed the findings afterwards.

Lastly is the famous Altgens photo, an image that has been analyzed and discussed in great detail for many years now. Many believe that Lee Harvey Oswald is the man the doorway, which if anything shows that he was indeed innocent as he was not on the 6th floor, where the shots were fired from

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