When To Contact A Sexual Harassment Lawyer In Springfield MA

When talking about sexual harassment in the workplace, usually a women is the one being harassed, though it can be either sex. Many times, if a person feels that they are being sexually harassed, they aren’t certain if it truly is harassment or if they are blowing the issue up in their mind. They also wonder what they should do about it. Every man and women who works anyplace has the right to work in an environment that is free from sexual harassment. If you feel that you’re being harassed at work, and nothing is being done to stop it, it’s important to speak to a Sexual Harassment Lawyer Springfield MA for help.


If you are uncomfortable with the sexual comments someone at work is saying to you, chances are it is sexual harassment. Any type of unwelcome comment or action, of the sexual nature, that makes it difficult for you to perform your job properly can be considered sexual harassment. If someone is making unwelcome sexual advances or asking for sexual acts from you, it’s sexual harassment and needs to be stopped.

At the first sign of any type of sexual harassment, the employee should go to the boss/supervisor about the problem. When meeting with the boss, it’s a good idea to have a written explanation of exactly what happened, that you are uncomfortable about, to give to him or her. Make a copy of this explanation and keep it for yourself, just to be safe. Your employer must take action about the situation and do what is possible to ensure it does not happen again. Depending on the severity of the situation and if the employer takes adequate action or not, you may need to contact a Sexual Harassment Lawyer Springfield MA for further follow up. After telling the employer, he or she should react immediately to stop the situation from ever occurring again.

Document everything that happens, what was said, what you did, and where you were when things occurred. Giving all this to your Sexual Harassment Lawyer Springfield MA will help him build a solid case for you. Don’t be scared to explain it all and fight. Remember that you’ve done nothing wrong. It’s important to speak up and tell, if something is wrong. You may be able to save someone else from dealing with the same problem that you had to face.

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