What to Expect from a Courier Service

Courier service companies specialize in the delivery of packages, documents and important information. Traditional courier services are the United Parcel Service (UPS) and FedEx. However, there are some non-traditional methods that provide faster service such as bicycle messengers. Quite a few businesses prefer the messenger type courier services to deliver things that have tight deadlines and are within city limits.

Services provided by a small courier businesses are handled quickly and usually only cover a limited area. The choice of a Courier Arlington VA will save you time and money because it allows you to have someone else deal with delivering documents. It is important to choose a courier service that will uphold the confidentiality of the information transported whether by bike messenger, UPS or FedEx.

The benefit of a courier is that not only can they deliver something quickly and return it to your business, they can also pick up packages. For example, a person may need to have a document signed and returned to them the same day. If the document is sent through the mail the turnaround time can take a few days. However, using a courier service within the same city will allow them to deliver the package and return it the same day.

Medical couriers are also used to transport items between different hospitals, clinics or medical laboratories. The most commonly transported items from a medical facility are blood and other lab tests. This provides a quick way for healthcare workers to get the results for important medical tests.

Before choosing a small business courier service you should first verify that they are reputable. Take the time to assess your delivery requirements so that you understand the type of service that will benefit your business. Ensure that your courier is bonded so that the packages you send are covered under some type of insurance. Check their pricing scale for type of shipping, weight and size of items being shipped to protect yourself against hidden fees.

Always work with an established courier service that delivers on time and has excellent customer service. Confirm any discounts offered and read over contract documents to make sure you agree with their terms and conditions before signing.


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