Hire a Shredding Company in San Diego

Protecting sensitive information while it is in use usually isn’t too hard. You can put documents in locked file cabinets, secure storerooms or other restricted access areas. But what happens when it comes time to throw an old document away? If you just put it in the trash, anyone can see it. Storing it forever, on the other hand, isn’t really an option. Eventually you’d have thousands of useless old papers filling up all of your space.

That’s where document shredding comes in. Contrary to media portrayals, shredding isn’t just something that’s done right before the feds barge in. In most cases, it is simply done to keep things like medical records or legal documents from falling into the wrong hands. In fact, the law requires that these and other client records be disposed of in a way that ensures that they remain private at all times. Shredding is often the most efficient and economical way to ensure this legally required privacy.

For small company, using a standard office shredder is usually just fine. If there are a lot of records to dispose of, it’s often better to hire a professional shredding service. San Diego Shredding companies will take your sensitive documents to their locations and run them through industrial grade shredders so that the paper can be disposed of without compromising privacy.

Once a company gets rid of its backlog of old documents, it can either shred the next ones on its own or contract with a San Diego Shredding company to do the job on a regular basis. Large companies will likely prefer to set up a shredding contract right from the start. This is because a bigger company generates more documents on a daily basis.

Shredding services can be surprisingly inexpensive when compared to the cost of the labor required to do it in-house. In-house employees almost always hired to do some other job. Therefore, the office will have to pay overtime if it wants everything to be completed on the usual schedule. When this is taken into consideration, hiring a shredding service becomes amazingly cheap.

Do the math for yourself and compare the cost of using your own employees for shredding as opposed to hiring a service to do it. You’ll likely find that it’s best to outsource this job.

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