What Benefits Are Available From Social Security?

by | Jul 9, 2015 | Legal

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Social Security is a federal government program that encompasses benefits for retirees, survivors and the physically or mentally disabled. The greatest majority of Benefits paid by Social Security in Kansas City is for retirement benefits followed by survivors of workers who were covered by the program, dependents and the disabled.

While an individual is gainfully employed the Social Security Administration retains a record of his or her earnings. Upon retirement the benefit enjoyed depends on this record of earnings as well as the age the individual elects to retire, the earlier the retirement age the smaller the monthly benefit. The base benefit is based on a 35 year average of the workers highest wage, this number is known as the primary insurance amount or PIA. A percentage of this PIA is indexed for inflation, the result is the monthly benefit which, based on inflation goes up marginally every year. During the claimants working life he or she will pay FICA tax which is set aside to pay benefits to those that have retired, the claimants benefits will be paid from the taxes of those still working and contributing; in theory the cycle is never ending.

If a person cannot work due to a physical or mental condition that is deemed long lasting or will result in death this individual may be eligible for another benefit from Social Security in Kansas City; disability. To receive retirement benefits is quite painless as it is based on identifiable information, not so with disability benefits. As it may take several months or more to garner approval and see the beginning of benefits anyone faced with a disability should take early action and apply as quickly as they can. SSDI, Social Security Disability Insurance is available to those applicants who have worked and meet a particular criterion, for those who have little or no income or resources; Social Security also administers a program known as SSI, Supplemental Security Income.

In the event of a workers death his or her survivors may receive survivor benefits. The workers family can include of course the spouse and children but can also include the parents if they were depending on the deceased for at least half of their support. An ex spouse can also receive benefits upon your death as long as the ex spouse and you were married for a minimum of ten years.

If you are physically or mentally disabled you can claim for Social Security in Kansas City. As the process is difficult and time consuming having an attorney can be of significant help. You are invited to discuss your situation with the Grundy Disability Group.