Do You Need Legal Help with Child Support in Douglasville, GA?

All states have their own child support laws in place, and Georgia is no exception. Non-custodial parents are required to pay child support, and the amount is set forth by the courts. If a non-custodial parent is refusing to pay, it is important the custodial parent exercises their rights and hires a lawyer to help them pursue child support in Douglasville, GA.

What Are the Child Support Laws in Georgia?

Those in need of support for their child need to fully understand the laws that govern child support in the state. Up until 2007, the amount of child support a noncustodial parent was required to pay was based solely on their income. A judge would typically require a noncustodial parent to pay up to 20% of their income in child support. In 2007, the laws changed, and now the courts take several pieces of information into consideration before determining the amount of child support that will be required.

Today, the courts consider the gross income of both parents. This includes all sources of income and is not limited to income from employment. The courts use this information and the number of children to determine the cost of care each month. The courts then decide the percentage of the obligation of each parent so it can determine the amount the noncustodial parent must pay each month in child support.

Get the Legal Help You Need

If a custodial parent is finding it difficult to receive child support from the noncustodial parent, legal help can be obtained. A lawyer can help custodial parents seek their child support in Douglasville, GA. It is important a parent gets the courts involved as soon as possible so their child can be financially cared for.

If you are in need of help with your child support issues and would like further information on how a lawyer can help, visit Website Domain. They will be happy to schedule an appointment so you can get started on the process. With the help of a lawyer, you can hold the other parent responsible and make sure they are paying the child support you are owed.

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