Using a Bariatric Exam Table for Quality Patient Care

Bariatric care has become a fast-growing segment in the health care industry. One product often overlooked is the examination table designed to meet the needs of obese individuals. A bariatric exam table is specially designed to provide a comfortable and safe area for patients during routine physicals, or when having surgical procedures. They must be well manufactured to handle the weight and size associated with larger patients.

Defining Bariatric Medical Devices
As a general rule, a bariatric patient is one that weighs seven hundred pounds and up. The width of medical exam tables can be extended to accommodate such individuals. Typically, the manufacturer will increase the gauge of steel normally found in standard tables. Steel frames are upgraded with the use of added structural support bars. Also, in addition to added stability, the table should be designed to allow the patient to get on and off easily. Therefore, most have electric controls that lower and raise the table to the desired height.

Quality Bariatric Products
With millions of obese individuals around the world, it is critical that anyone suffering from this condition has access to bariatric equipment whether in a hospital setting or at home. As a result, medical manufacturers have designed a wide range of supplies and devices to handle larger patients. Health care facilities such as clinics and hospitals are realizing the importance of having professional bariatric products to make life significantly smoother for the obese client. These items must meet rigorous quality standards to ensure reliability and dependable service.

Proper Positioning Is Critical
For the large-sized patient undergoing an examination or surgical procedure, quite often specialized equipment is necessary to perform the task properly. A quality bariatric exam table allows patients to be in a comfortable position, and also offers full accessibility for the health care practitioner. This can have a significant impact on the surgery and exam results. Improper positioning of the patient could lead to potential detrimental effects such as breathing difficulties, nerve damage and muscle strain.

Enhanced Patient Care
Obesity is a problem that is reaching global proportions. Therefore, it is essential that health care practitioners are able to fully adapt to the unique challenges which have become part of addressing overweight patients. It is a common misconception that providing adequate obese patient care is both physically and psychologically more difficult. With the right equipment such as the bariatric exam table, bariatric solutions have become far easier and safer for both the provider and patient.

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