How to Store Personalized Chocolate Wedding Favors

Personalized chocolate wedding favors are one way to help your guests create sweet memories of your big day. Highly customizable and inexpensive, they’re a great addition to any party favor collection. How can you ensure they look and taste great on your big day? Follow these simple instructions for chocolate storage:

Use Expedited Shipping

Most chocolate favors have to be ordered and shipped to your home. Make sure the company you use takes measures to keep their product from melting during summer delivery. Special shipping conditions will protect your design, as well as the taste and overall polish of your wedding mementos.

Find a Cool, Dry Place

Many people make the mistake of storing chocolate for extended periods in the freezer where temperatures are too cool and too wet. Extended freezing can damage chocolate by discoloring the product, making it crack or changing the taste. Because chocolate absorbs other odors, it is important to keep it out of the refrigerator as well. Normal room temperatures are perfect for keeping chocolate favors in tip-top shape.

Stay Away from the Floor and Walls

Chocolate is somewhat delicate, which is especially true for small printed disks typically used in weddings. Pressure and heat can easily mar their perfect appearance. Keeping the chocolate stored in cabinets is fine as long as they are off the floor and not stuck into a corner. Give the chocolate enough room to preserve its custom look.

Take Care during the Reception and Ceremony

When temperatures stay below 75°F, personalized chocolate wedding favors don’t pose any problems. It’s when temps rise above that point that the quaint little treats can become a big mess. Even when they don’t melt, they may become soft and pose a problem for younger guests.

Those issues are easy to prevent by storing them in a cool place before the reception. In fact, a few hours in a refrigerator or freezer in air-locked storage bags or bins will safely prevent melting without changing the taste or consistency. Chocolate favors can easily be handled along with the desserts or other party dishes.

Mementos Meant for Eating

Personalized chocolate wedding favors aren’t the kind of thing to be stored for time eternal. They really are meant to be savored on your big day. While you can use completely practical reasons to explain it to guests, the favors can also be symbolic of the joy you want to share with your guests on the day of your wedding. However, when you work with a company that also designs custom wrappers, you can encourage guests to keep those as reminders and enjoy the chocolate.


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