Unique Favors for Your Wedding Reception

Weddings are one of the times in life where favors are an important part of the event. It isn’t often you go to a wedding that doesn’t provide favors to the guests. However, in many cases, these favors are all the same, making for something that doesn’t impress your guests. Instead, you can find some truly unique favors that will leave your guests happy they came so they could receive the favor.

Your wedding is about your love for your new spouse. You want to share your happiness with all your family and friends, which is why you throw a reception for them. To thank them for sharing your special day, you provide them with favors that can remind them of the day. Therefore, it can be fun to provide your guests with favors that reflect your love, such as love-themed passport covers and notebooks.

Growing flowers is similar to the love that blooms between two people. If you want to go with this line of thought, your unique favors can provide your guests with the opportunity to plant flowers that will remind them of your love when they bloom. You can do this either with personalized seed packets with your favorite flowers or cards that have the seeds embedded inside. All your guests must do is plant the card and water it. Eventually, the plants will grow and the flowers will bloom.

Favors that are useful are also great options to wow your guests at your wedding. For instance, towels are a useful gift, but you don’t want to give your guests simple towels. Instead, you can buy them in the form of flowers, lollipops or cupcakes for each of your guests to take home. Candy jars, mint tins and magnets allow your guests to enjoy something they can use without being the same things they would get at another wedding.

As you consider your wedding favors, you need to find something your guests will love so you can show them you appreciate their decision to share your day. Unique favors are a great way to impress your guests with a trinket they can take home and remember your wedding by. Whether you choose a love-themed favor, flower seeds or something useful, your guests will know that you were thinking of them when you chose the favors for your wedding. This will make your wedding one no one will forget.

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