Summer Weddings Offer Lots of Potential Ideas

Getting married in the summer is ripe with potential for a great celebration. If you live in an area of the country that has stark seasons, marrying in the winter can have a limiting effect and mean remaining stuffed indoors. But the summer months usually show forth all the colors that fruitfully flowed forth in spring, great outdoor weather, and lot of seasonal venues for receptions outside open for creative use.

A few ideas that you might share with your Phoenix wedding caterers as you begin to plan your summer wedding (next year, of course—some of these things take several months of planning!) include the following:

  1. Cool appetizers to cool down guests in outdoor venues. Make use of leaf and vegetable for reception finger food, such as small-portioned Caesar salads (with breath mints?), cucumbers and carrots, or even well-prepared shrimp served in small cups or bowls of shaved ice. Sliced or chopped fruit, lemons, frozen bananas, and other garnishes also can add tasty flair to the presentation.

  2. Drinks that quench thirst. Offer a choice of non-alcoholic drinks along with the usual fare that guests expect, such as flavored lemonade or different varieties of iced tea, especially if your reception takes place outside. As for alcohol, perhaps forgo the Guinness and opt for light cocktails and lemonade-based drinks that have a lighter appeal.

  3. Barbecue entrees.A well-planned barbecue in the Arizona summer evening for a wedding reception is not a bad idea, and many Phoenix wedding caterers will be glad to work with you on providing on-site barbecue entrees, including chicken, fish, steak, and other meats upon request, to make the day a special and hearty occasion.

  4. Remember special diets. Providing choice during a wedding reception is a great way to please everyone from the diabetic to vegetarians to meat-lovers among your guests. Planning ahead with Phoenix wedding caterers to provide something for everyone is a great way to make your reception a hit. If barbecuing, it isn’t inappropriate at a wedding reception to have a section where simple hamburgers and hot dogs are provided for children and other guests. The rest of your company can enjoy the exquisite taste of the barbecued goose, rotisserie-cooked lamb, or other specialty entrée.

  5. Let the wedding cake symbolize your great love for each other and participation in the community, but serve an easier, less rich dessert, as well. A colorful sorbet, cheesecake, or other options may please your guests and leave more wedding cake for you as a honeymoon dessert.

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Phoenix Wedding Caterers

Phoenix Wedding Caterers

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