Treatments For Cosmetic Dentistry

Located in Miami, we’re the premiere dental office to make your smile stand out in the crowd. We offer a wide range of services for all of your dental needs.

* Dental crowns. If your smile needs protection, dental crowns may be the solution. A dental crown surrounds the tooth or dental implant from a deep cavity.

* Dental implants. For those who have had to deal with years of dentures, dental implants could be the answer to a new smile that’s fuss-free. Dental implants are bonded with the gums for the look and feel of natural teeth. You can bite down on anything with dental implants, just as you could with your own healthy teeth.

* Dental surgery. Dental surgery may be required depending on your dental needs. We do everything we can to explain the procedure and make you comfortable during the surgery.

* Invisalign. Straighten out your smile with ease with the Invisalign system. This amazing innovative system allows your teeth to straighten out without the intrusive look or feel of conventional braces. Payment plans can be coordinated to take advantage of Invisalign.

* Orthodontics. We take care of all orthodontics in house. This means you can have all of your general dentistry needs met in addition to orthodontics. This is convenient for those who want to have one office they regularly visit for all of their dental needs.

* Teeth whitening. You will be wowed at your new, vibrant smile after undergoing teeth whitening. Come in and learn all of the new ways there are to make your smile bright.

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